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Bleeding edge cybersecurity solutions

Our Mission

As a leading cybersecurity company, we specialise in securing emerging tech with state of the art security services. With continuous research, we are able to provide best in class security services for the most demanding and challenging applications.


Academic Excellence 87% of our staff hold a BSc, MSc or PhD in Cybersecurity


Vital Outcomes We have uncovered high risk vulnerabilities in 71% of our assessments


More Critical vulnerabilities We discover 34% more high and critical vulnerabilities than the industry average

Core Services

Secure your project with a combination of our core services

Advanced Penetration Testing

Simulate a malicious attack on your application to reduce your risk

Smart Contract Audits

Identify vulnerabilities in your smart contracts before they are exploited

AI/ML Security Testing

Implement bleeding edge solutions knowing they are secure

Cloud Security Review

Cloud environments don’t provide adequate security by default, let's change that


Decades of professional cyber security experience and leading industry certifications provide you with highest level of expertise.

Offensive Security Certified Professionals


Certified Blockchain Security Professionals

Technical excellence
Fueled by cutting edge research

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